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About | Qwest Films

Writer, Producer, Director, & Actor

picture Kanithea Powell is the Artistic Director and Founder of Qwest Films, LLC. Powell started her career as one of the founding members of the Orlando Black Theatre. The first African American theatre company in Orlando, Florida.

There Powell directed, produced, and performed in several plays before moving to Atlanta and starting her career as a television producer for a local station. In Atlanta she formed Qwest Films, there she began writing, directing and producing films. After a stint in the new mecca Powell moved to Washington, DC to work with the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts. There she worked closely with the students of the Literary and Drama department.

Her hard earned success has garnered a 2000 "Best Casting Director" for "Why The Cage Bird Sings", 2007 "Audience Choice Award" and "Best Screenplay" for "00:02:02 (2minutes2seconds)". Some of Kanithea's creation credits includes: "Mind's Eye" (short film), "Mind Games" (TV series- co-creator), "Mic Check – The Search for the Sickest MC" (Reality Show) "Desperate House Hags" (TV series) "Zarabi" (Theatrical- creator), "Walk of Redemption" (documentary), "Super Heroes and Villains- The Importance of Tights" (TV series), "Finding Juliet" (short & TV series), and "KILL HER!" (feature film). Additionally, Kanithea has completed studies at the New York Film Academy.


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